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Name:Sora [?]

Read at your own risk!

Would you mind... if I stayed here, with you?

✭ When Ventus's heart returned to Sora, things did not go as planned. Rather than fall asleep, his heart took control, forcing Sora's own heart into a state of dormancy.

✭ With no other choice, Ventus assumed the identity of Sora from then on, as he was unable to return to Sora the control of his body and heart. In order to appear convincing, he pretended to have amnesia, as Sora's memories were buried deep inside the younger boy's sleeping heart.

✭ Years went on, and he lived peacefully on Destiny Islands, surrounded by friends and family. Unfortunately, Ventus found himself torn as the years went on. On one hand, Riku and Kairi filled the void left by Terra and Aqua. In a way, they even reminded him of his old friends. However, he could not forgive himself for taking away the life of a child when he himself was resigned to sleep.

✭ Though canon events do occur, Ven's relationship to Riku and Kairi is a bit different. Like with Terra and Aqua, he views them as siblings. However, because he's mentally much older than his youthful appearance, he's rather protective of them both.

✭ Additionally, because Maleficent is capable of sensing light and darkness inside one's heart, she knew from the start who "Sora" really was and even clued Riku in. This led to even more tension between the two boys.

✭ Prior to his arrival in the Dressing Room, he'd just finished fighting Maleficent's dragon form.
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